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How do I care for

my jewelry?

Store jewelry in an airtight container when it is not being worn. I suggest a ziplock bag. Dust, dirt, and oxygen accelerate the tarnishing process. If jewelry becomes tarnished, use a soft polishing cloth to bring it back to its original shine.


It is good practice to ALWAYS remove jewelry when

showering, swimming, working out, etc. Certain chemicals like chlorine or bleach interact negatively with some metals, and can instantly oxidize your piece. Water may also damage certain stones, and even cause soft stones like turquoise and opal to lose their beautiful color. Be sure to remove all chains before going to sleep. Sleeping in your necklaces and bracelets presents an opportunity for stretched links, broken chain, or even tangling around itself and your hair.


Is my bronze jewelry gold plated?

Although gold plating will initially give your piece a bright gold finish, the layer of gold is too thin to last forever. Once that layer begins to wear off, the color of the base metal will start to show through, giving an uneven looking finish to the surface of the metal.


Gold plating uses harsh chemicals that have a negative environmental impact, and I will no longer be

handling such chemicals.

Due to this, Alex Ren Jewelry no longer offers plated pieces.


Instead of plating bronze

pendants, they will be left as is. The color is still very similar to gold, and unlike gold plating, since it is made up of the same metal throughout, it is safe to use a polishing cloth on it to restore the original shine.


Can the chain length or ring size of a piece be changed?

Yes and no. Altering a piece is dependent upon the type of chain, metal type, if stones are involved, etc. I am happy to make changes whenever it is possible.


To Inquire about altering a piece of jewelry please use the contact form above to email Alex.

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